German Ministry of Finance on § 55 (4) InsO

While the legislator (reasonably) refrained from reintroducing the so-called “fiscal privilege” in the law of insolvency avoidance (here), after having abolished such privileges with the introduction of the InsO in 1999, he at least partially “re-instated” such a privilege by classifying certain tax claims as so-called “claims of the estate”. In the context of the … more

KYC – The test of loyalty

After I had already examined the so-called “Know Your Customer, KYC” – audit some time ago at least roughly from the point of view of receivables management (here), it is necessary to take another look at this area at the interface between risk management and compliance in view of the coming German Supply Chain Compliance … more

The German economy in April 2022 – slow recognition

In April 2022 the war in Ukraine (for regular updates, cf. here, in German) was also dominating the economic headlines in Germany, while Corona slowly faded from the front pages. After the reality of the war and other factors hindering a swift ecomic upturn had seemingly set in with the German economy in March 2022 (here), the question is how it fared in April. So, let’s take a closer look: